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As a personal trainer, you are challenged to meet the diverse needs of your clients. Your equipment must be versatile, portable, and durable. And it has to be effective and safe. The JumpSport Fitness® Trampoline™ is a unique, training tool that gets results for young and old, fit and de-conditioned. Push your clients with stability & balance challenges, cardio circuits, core & strength training, and plyometric workouts, all with one Fitness Trampoline. Combine the Fitness Trampoline with suspension systems, functional training equipment, elastic tubing, or free weights for fresh new possibilities. Most important, the Fitness Trampoline is FUN! Whether used alone or with other equipment, your clients’ satisfaction goes up, and so does your return on investment.

Where Fitness Meets Fun!

Simply put, bouncing on a trampoline is fun. Quickly increase your client’s endorphin levels and put a smile on their face,all while making them sweat like they have never before.

Unmatched Versatility

From cardio endurance to explosive plyometric training, the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline enables you to provide your clients with exactly what they need to accomplish their goals. Design custom workouts using hundreds of trampoline moves that build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability designed for any fitness level.

Cutting Edge Training Programs

Learn new moves, routines and product info from our expert trampoline instructors during our CEC approved JumpSport personal education course or through training DVDs.

Differentiate Yourself

Provide your clients with the most unique training on the market today. This portable product allows your to train anywhere and with any fitness level.

Circuit Training

Incorporate the JumpSport Fitness trampoline into any circuit workout and get smiling faces from you clients. Great for cardio, core, plyometric or strength workouts, this piece of equipment introduces a level of fun, missing from most circuits. Jumpers enjoy many benefits of adding a Fitness Trampoline to their rotation like, improving balance when doing squats, accelerating high into a step-up, getting creative with a free jump, and many more moves. Check out our See the Moves page for new ideas.

In addition to a wide variety of moves, the Fitness Trampoline is lightweight and easy to transport. Our Folding Trampolines fit easily into the trunk of just about any vehicle or can be brought with you on business flights. Add a PlyoFit Adapter Kit and for even more workout variations and increased client satisfaction.