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The JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline revolutionizes the fitness world with comfort, high-intensity and FUN!

Old-style mini-trampolines or “rebounders” have been used for many years for a wide variety of workouts, but most are very stiff and uncomfortable to bounce on. The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline employs our proprietary formulated elastic cords, and unlike the jarring sensation found with steel-coil spring rebounders, our elastic cords provide a smooth, low-impact bounce that is nearly silent.

This new technology outlasts the competition by over 3x the number of cycles! Six arched legs provide superior stability and allow you to stack multiple units to conserve floor space.The elegant silver frame maintains the stylish appearance of your own home and adds an extra layer of durability. And lastly, jumping on trampolines is fun! The Fitness Trampoline allows you to finally enjoy your workout.

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